Upscaling Business Transformation and the Game Plan Towards 2025

Diposting di Inside GudangAda 24 Sep 2021

Deloitte Innovation Month: The B2B Ecosystem from the eyes of JJ Ang, Chief Financial Officer at GudangAda

Working alongside other stakeholders including homegrown SMEs, small mom and pop stores, and large multinational corporations, GudangAda has successfully onboarded an extensive network of merchants and contributed to the growth of many other business services in the country, from facilitating payments and inventory management to providing end-to-end logistics services. Our Chief Financial Officer JJ Ang had the opportunity to share his insights on the B2B ecosystem and GudangAda’s role during a session at Deloitte’s annual “Innovation Month”.

Let’s take a look at his key learnings.

Covering Up Market Inefficiencies

A core issue facing the industry is increasing production cost alongside a decline in productivity. Other legacy issues, such as low technology adoption amongst stakeholders and poor existing infrastructure plague the industry, resulting in numerous inefficiencies affecting its various stakeholders — from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. As a result, many stakeholders in the market are struggling especially from the fallout of the pandemic and yet lack access to the necessary information and tools to improve their business. Serving as an intermediary to connect players in the market, GudangAda has developed an innovative end-to-end marketplace platform which serves as the answer to solving the existing inefficiencies in the FMCG supply chain.

Despite being in operation for just over two years, the company has grown at rocket speed since inception. Our revenue has increased 28 times compared to our first month of operations, and we have achieved an increase of 30% in monthly transactions and a strong 50% customer retention rate.

Building Our Presence Through Marketplace Services

Today, we provide a marketplace that serves to address the needs of all parties within the B2B ecosystem. Our end-to-end technology platform aims to support stakeholders in running and upscaling their business to a larger market.

With the full suite of services we offer, right from sourcing to selling, buying, warehousing, logistics and payments, our effort strives to address the inefficiencies facing different stakeholders, ranging from production to the distribution flow. This helps retailers and wholesalers to maintain price stability and maximise efficiency in their operations.

Charting the Game Plan Towards 2025

While the company has celebrated many milestones and accomplishments so far, we have strong ambitions to not just be a marketplace for B2B players, but also expand to logistics, merchant solutions, and financial services by 2025. Our goal is to not only serve as a platform for merchants, but to expand our network of customers and contribute positively to the market and ecosystem in a major way.

With the breakthroughs that we have achieved, we are truly excited for the future and not afraid to level up our game. We aim to spearhead the development of the ecosystem with a comprehensive roadmap to provide a holistic offering which is beneficial for all parties.

Interested to be part of the game plan? Check out our career page for opportunities to contribute to the future of Indonesia’s B2B ecosystem!

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