How GudangAda Fast-Tracks Growth in Two Years

Diposting di Inside GudangAda 3 Feb 2020

As a rising digital platform launched in 2019, our team has raised USD 35 million in funding, gained over 1 million transactions, and on-boarded over 300,000 merchants in 500 cities in just two years.

How did we do it?

1. Good product — Solutions to the Problem

It all started with a concern about the traditional traders’ future in the midst of the digital era. To give you more context of what happened in the industry:

  • The FMCG traders (manufacturers — distributors — wholesalers and retailers) are facing a high operating cost and low productivity. This is caused by an inefficient operational structure and shortage of qualified salespeople.

  • Wholesalers as the key player in the industry mostly run their business in a passive approach, not actively looking to widen their customer base → this shrinks their business.

  • Retailers also face challenges in getting the right products to restock their stores in a faster and cheaper way

Hence, GudangAda was born. We streamline the supply chain within one platform so all FMCG traders can restock their stores faster, have bigger and cheaper transactions, and expand their customer base.

Simply put, GudangAda provides a digital solution to help FMCG traditional traders scale their business.

2. High Performing Team for a Stable Growth

Yes, we can say that we provide a good solution — and yes we do have a good product. However, we all know that a good product itself is not enough. We have to maintain our growth by consistently building a high-performing team.

Clear goals aligned with the team and organizational priorities

We always ensure that we align our priorities and purpose with the team. Our goals are clearly defined so everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and how to achieve them.

Clear and respectful communication

We always set clear expectations when it comes to communication, so everyone knows how to communicate well and have a smooth collaboration. Conflict will still exist of course, but we always remind ourselves and everyone that it is important to navigate it in a healthy way and be solutions-oriented.

Continuous learning

Even the best teams have room to grow. At GudangAda, we always look for opportunities to grow by nurturing a feedback culture and investing in employee development. Continuous learning keeps the team growing and striving.

3. Understand Your Audience

In a competitive world where there are many other players in the FMCG — tech industry, we can say that our biggest asset is the good relationship and trust we have with the traditional traders.

Our personal approach works because we understand our audience.

  • Many retailers and wholesalers are used to doing everything offline from purchasing to expanding their network, so we educate them directly in the field about our app and the benefits of digitalization for their business.

  • This combination of both human touch and technology approach, with our over +600 experience BD team in the field, helps to scale our company.

Building and growing a startup is not an easy feat. Maintaining its growth is even harder. But when you bring together the right mix of high-performing individuals with the right skills and experience, while nurturing them with the right culture, it will for sure pay off.

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