The Secrets of a Strong and Fun Team at GudangAda

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Teams can accomplish what individuals cannot. When everyone on the team is on the same page, achieving goals becomes almost effortless. However, getting a group of people to collaborate as an agile team is not easy and requires a conscious effort.

A company frequently often has a large number of people with various roles. They must understand the company’s vision because they are the founder’s extra arms and legs. That is why it is critical to form a strong team in order to achieve the goals.

Conquering The Challenges

For leaders, leading a large team member is similar to conducting an orchestra. Leaders and conductors are both tasked with uniting a group of individuals, each of whom is playing a different role, ensuring that everyone stays in sync, and leading their teams to create something innovative and reach the goals together.

However, at GudangAda, challenges are faced not only by the leaders, but also by the people they lead. When working as a team, each member should avoid putting their ego forward. Any solution must be the result of team members’ discussions.

1. Build Great Communication

To maximize the strengths and weaknesses of each team member in an organization, you must first understand each person’s strengths and weaknesses. That starts with communication. GudangAda always reminds GADA Troops to do several things to maximize their strengths:

  • Accept difference in diversity.

  • Be open-minded and try to convince one another that they are in an environment where different points of view and approaches are acceptable.

  • Build a culture of being a good communicator and listener for coworkers.

  • Understand that equality is not the same as sameness.

2. Avoid Blame Game

All processes, however, do not always go as planned. Obstacles are frequently encountered, especially in a hyper growth company like GudangAda. Whether they are communication issues among team members, changes in priorities, or difficult task assignments.

When a project doesn’t go as planned, it’s easy for teams to point the finger at others. Misunderstandings were expected to happen, especially with so many moving parts, resulting in execution breakdowns. However, at GudangAda, we always make it a point to avoid the blame game if everyone actually wants to get along.

3. Be a Team Player

Each of us strives to be a team player at work, always willing to pitch in and do our part to help the team succeed. When some of the team members do not do their share, it has a negative impact on others, and other employees begin to resent these individuals.

People will usually get along well with others if everyone is always willing to do their share or even more than their share. Therefore, everyone should be able to become a game player.

4. Take a Break

Team building does not have to happen while you are working. Indeed, taking breaks together has been shown to increase productivity and help reevaluate goals as needed.

At GudangAda, we enjoy doing fun activities like watching movies and jamming together. We believe that taking a break and participating in fun activities like this can improve team cohesion.

In addition, taking a break and engaging in some fun activities together can help us see each other in new ways, allowing us to connect in different situations. We believe that if we get to know each other in an environment where we are actively part of a team, morale and work quality will be higher.

Teamwork is a Process, Not a Goal

The word “teamwork” is probably one of the most overused words in office culture. It is mentioned in every company meeting at GudangAda, but it is still not naturally instilled within an organization.


The most likely reason is that teamwork is a process that requires effort from all members. Just because a manager has asked us to demonstrate teamwork does not mean that it will be easily fostered.

At GudangAda, we make sure that everyone understands the concept of teamwork. We know that if we play the blame game and don’t realize that everyone is working toward the same goal, then it’s quite unlikely to happen. Here, we’ve realized that teamwork is a process, not an end goal. We’re not perfect, but we’re always striving for better results by improving teamwork quality.

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