The Digital Path to Business Resilience

Diposting di Inside GudangAda 20 Sep 2021

Recently, Huan Yang, Chief Technology Officer at GudangAda, shared some insights at the eCommerce Asia 2021 Virtual Conference panel discussion. Pursuing Strengthening Digital Business Resilience through Technology in 2021 as the grand theme, he laid out GudangAda’s formula to win Indonesia’s B2B market and customers’ loyalty in the midst of digital business resilience.

He brought up some interesting points (below) about how the company stays resilient during the pandemic, and how it provides technology solutions to Indonesia’s B2B players (traditional traders).

1. Unique Business Model

Pandemic has reshaped the way businesses run, including the traditional traders’ (wholesalers, retailers, etc.). Hence, GudangAda exists to provide them with technology solutions, so they can start creating the digital path to business resilience.

GudangAda connects the end-to-end supply chain in the B2B industry, so each traditional trader can grow their business faster and more efficiently. Unlike other players, GudangAda applies a neutral 3rd party model, where it seeks to partner with industry stakeholders to empower them instead of displacing them.

2. Focus on Customers’ Needs

As one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, GudangAda focuses on the customers’ needs, instead of competing with competitors by applying 7–2–1 rules. The rules simply say the business should represent what their target customers need to hear and see through the product messages.

By doing so, GudangAda is able to diversify the needs into many considerations that lead the company to grow out of the marketplace and expand into logistics, warehouse and payment services.

3. Ecosystem as the Business Strategy

GudangAda believes that expanding its ecosystem will add more value to the market. Not only offering a marketplace, GudangAda focuses on other key services such as logistics, warehouse and payment services. Only by expanding its ecosystem can GudangAda offer a more efficient solution to all B2B traditional traders across the nation. This strategy can be the answer to each user’s needs in the market, and is intended to ride the wave of e-commerce, as the players should have a high potential to overtake others.

In striving to win the hearts of the customers, it is important to note that the customers are still the focal point in this digital era. In order to win the game, we are not only encouraged to be customer centric, but also to humanize the product ecosystem itself.

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