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International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th to honor the accomplishments of women around the world and to raise awareness about the work that needs to be done to achieve workplace equality.In honor of International Women’s Day 2022, we asked the women of GudangAda to tell us about their experiences as women in the workplace.

Manage your time, get your tasks done, enjoy life!

Cut Emyra Fadhila

I lead the strategy and executions through direct channel, indirect channel, and omni-channel to maximize business revenue and user growth across all strategic opportunities. I also manage the transformation efforts for delivering trade retail digitalization with internal cross functional teams and external partners.

One of the major obstacles women may encounter in this role is time management, as most senior women already have another responsibility in their personal lives and must manage their time properly. But, of course, I make every effort to strike a balance between my work and my personal life, hobbies, and other interests.

My focus is to get my job and tasks done first, especially on weekdays. Then, on the weekends, I take time for other things and activities so that I may re-energize for the coming days.

Despite the fact that my job can be difficult at times, I’m delighted because at GudangAda, everyone helps each other regardless of gender. Because there is no gender gap, I believe this is what makes many female leaders outstanding leaders. I believe that if they can achieve it, so can we.

Be smart on the outside and inside!

Fenti Candraningsih

As a Senior Partnership Manager at GudangAda, I work closely with all departments to achieve the unit business goal of target GMV and revenue.

My job may be difficult sometimes. However, throughout my time at GudangAda, I find that there are no barriers between men and women. Everyone helps each other, both women and men are offered equal opportunities for growth, and all employees are promoted based on performance rather than gender.

One thing I’ve learned about women and work that I wish I’d known earlier in my career is that women should be smart on the outside and inside. We should be aware of our situation and where we are.

Life is a never-ending adventure and a learning process; you will reap what you sow. Nothing comes for free, and everything should be fought for. All women have to chase their dreams too.

Even the strongest woman need a break

Patrycia Andika

Being a product manager entails striving for excellence in the company’s products. However, I feel that balancing personal and professional life is critical for long-term productivity and well-being. As a result, I continue to strive to divide my time between accomplishing job responsibilities and participating in a variety of other activities that I enjoy.

I like to start my days with a list of action items that need to be completed that day. Remember, they don’t always have to be related to your career or task. For example, an hour of coloring or crocheting might be an action item if you just want to do it.

I used to meet a lot of amazing women who excelled both professionally and personally, which drove me to work extra long hours to the point of neglecting my own personal time in order to achieve ‘perfection.’ I used to take very little time for breaks and felt bad for doing so. Now I recognize that I need to prioritize taking a break, taking the time to recharge and refresh myself, and not feeling bad about it. Even if you believe you’re the strongest woman on the planet, you still need to take a break.

I’d like to point out that I’ve always had the good fortune of working in an environment that values gender equality and diversity. Here at GudangAda, I find there are no different challenges faced by women in the field I work in. Women are capable of doing anything men are capable of.

I personally really appreciate GudangAda’s commitment & effort to diversity & equality. Thank you!

Women and men making an impact together


GudangAda’s Data Team is dedicated to helping the Product Team in delivering the best products to our valued customers. For me, managing the company’s smart data team is really empowering.

Despite the fact that more women are entering the fields of data analytics and data science these days, there are still some significant challenges. Gender bias, stereotypes, and perception are among the most major barriers.

The common societal impression of data and technology is that it is a male-dominated field. Women, on the other hand, may allow cultural perceptions to influence how they see themselves, their abilities, and their future growth. This impression often leads to women having a high expectation of themselves, in which they won’t accept a job unless they’re really good at it.

The good news is that GudangAda makes every employee, including women, feel included and welcomed. The onboarding process for new employees is done in a festive atmosphere. On your first day at the company, you already feel like a part of the team. This article is also an example of how the organization helps employees feel involved by bringing in the right people for the job at the right time.

At GudangAda, the commitment to diversity and equity is there. We have people from all over the country, men and women, working together making an impact.

Now, let me tell you something:

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” — Sheryl Sandberg

So, to all young women who are just starting the journey in the world of data analytics and data science, know that there is nothing a man can do in this field that you can’t.

Be brave, girls!

Airin Levina Salim

My primary responsibility is to oversee the growth of GudangAda Logistik’s business, which includes analyzing, planning, and implementing comprehensive business strategies and initiatives.

It might be difficult to get along with others and have our voices (women’s) heard in this particular logistic arena, which some people still regard and characterize as a “masculine” space. But, thankfully, at GudangAda, this old-fashioned stigma is no longer there, and there are no unique barriers for women in this role and organization. We are treated equally to others, and our voices and opinions are taken into account when making decisions.

Women and men, in my opinion, can work well together to achieve goals. Well, an amazing woman had taught me about this. She was a female leader, the company’s youngest director at the time. She was able to manage, encourage, and cultivate a positive image. She was the person who most inspired me and quickly became my role model.

So, for young women out there who are just starting to work in the logistics field, please just be yourself, be brave, and know that everyone, regardless of gender, has the same chance to grow, same opportunity to learn and make an impact.

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