How L.E.A.P Impacts Your Team Dynamic

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As a workplace that puts forward the well-being of its team, GudangAda is continuously learning about the best way to bring everyone in the company closer regardless of the uncertainties. This has become more of a challenge since the pandemic hits and most people have been working from home. It hasn’t been an easy task for most to maintain productivity, their work routine, and be able to nurture the connection with their colleagues.

Hence, the company organizes various activities to ensure the team can get along and bond well, and feel comfortable to collaborate regardless of the current situation.

One of the events held was Coffee Break Talk with featuring Vicario Reinaldo and Aristiwidya Bramantika. During the 2-hour session, we all learned some interesting hacks on how to have a good collaboration within and across the departments. This hack is called L.E.A.P. Surely enough some of you might have heard this concept before. It’s a leadership concept that is used to build trust.

So, let’s dig deeper. What is L.E.A.P?

L.E.A.P stands for Logic, Empathy, and Authenticity in Practice and is essential to foster an effective collaboration in a diverse working environment and to build trust. Here’s the simple explanation that might be useful for you to know.

Trigger the Logic

Always put logic into context when making decisions. Encourage the team to always have solid reasoning and judgment. ‘Clear’ is the keyword here: clear problem statement, clear options, and clear plans.

Show empathy

The right choice of words would open the pandora box. Speak in a language that makes people feel motivated, empowered, and proud to be part of the team. Remember to paraphrase your statements, use the power of ‘we’, and always be available to provide support.

Be authentic

In order for us to be able to collaborate smoothly, we all have to learn to be our authentic self. We have to be real with ourselves and with others. People will most likely trust us when they believe they are interacting with the real version of ourselves. When the trust is there, the work becomes easier.

Finally, most importantly is to put this into Practice. Theory will not be useful if it’s not being applied on a daily basis. There’s a saying that says: “If you say you know but you don’t do it, it means you don’t know”.

Don’t be like that :D.

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