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In the second series of #SegudangAsa, we highlight one of our best services for traditional traders to help them improve their business operations.

In today’s era of digital transformation, many aspects of our lives have been impacted by technology. The transformation has also affected the way businesses operate amid the pandemic. In fact, with many businesses moving online and establishing a digital presence, there are now fewer retailers who directly shop through wholesalers as compared to before.

For many traders, establishing an online presence has proven to be lucrative, leading to an increase in sales as many customers chose to minimise face-to-face interactions in order to avoid contracting the virus. Despite this, merchants who have digitised their business continue to face challenges when it comes to the distribution of goods as they may have logistics processes that are inefficient and cannot keep up with customer demand for their products.

To help merchants with distribution of goods, GudangAda offers GudangAda Logistics, which serves to ease the business distribution process for traditional traders. The service provides transportation and shipping services at a competitive price point to help principals distribute their products to retailers. In addition to facilitating faster and more efficient distribution at lower costs, traders can also expand their customer base by working with GudangAda’s Project team to reach more customers and enhance their delivery and payment process.

As a service, GudangAda Logistics also offers wholesalers the opportunity to view competitive proposals from the company vis-a-vis its competitors in the market. Wholesalers can enjoy a trial of GudangAda’s transportation offerings before committing to an official agreement. The entire process is seamless — upon signing the agreement, preparation goes underway, and GudangAda will then provide transport for product collection and shipping.

To understand the direct benefits of this service, we had a chance to speak to several traditional traders at the second event of the #SegudangAsa webinar series. Our Founder and CEO Stevensang and Andre Widjaja, Chief of Business Development — Logistics, shared about GudangAda Logistics and its benefits to traders, namely:

1. Effective Distribution of Goods

As a wholesaler, using GudangAda Logistics will help to reduce the time you spend to allocate your budget for your business’s distribution process, especially for transportation. The service can also help you reach more customers and . ease the distribution and payment process as it also offers the cash on delivery payment option.

2. Accessible Transportation

As GudangAda Logistics services are spread throughout Indonesia, we have a wide network from Java to Kalimantan. It is easy to find our services based on your location.

3. Competitive Shipping Cost

GudangAda Logistics service can reduce your operational costs by distributing the shipping cost to buyers and sellers. By doing this, the traders would not have to invest excessive capital in this aspect of their operations.

4. Lower Capital Investment

By using GudangAda Logistics, you could cut your capital investment for the distribution process. This would allow you to focus on running your business without expending time to think about operational costs such as the transportation fee, distribution fee, etc).

GudangAda Logistics is now spread across the country and will soon be expanded to include a larger distribution network in all parts of Indonesia. In this modern era, GudangAda Logistics services could be the best solution to help traders grow their business effectively.

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