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Meet Rionaldo Sandria, our Sr. Manager Brand & Marketing!

At GudangAda, we encourage GudangAda Troops to explore roles within the company as it helps in their professional growth and development. This article will talk about Rio, who was previously a Jr. Manager Brand & Creative and currently holds Sr. Manager Brand & Marketing position!

The journey

Rio’s career as a Sr. Brand & Marketing Manager started from his interest in technology, particularly products. At GudangAda, he initially joined the Product Operations team. After that, he held the role of Multimedia Lead.

His passion for products led him to consider another connected world, the creative field. He became a Creative Lead, then Jr. Brand & Creative Manager, and now Sr. Brand & Marketing Manager.

In this new world, he can see the product more broadly. He learns that the product execution process is not just about doing something based on the brief. Here, he knows how to build a brand from the ground up, beginning with planning, research, creativity, implementation, and various branding improvements.

The role

As part of the Brand & Marketing team, Rio helps GudangAda create a strong impression, develop a brand identity, communicate key information, and build customer trust. He leads a team of creative employees to connect the dots between GudangAda’s products and customer demands.

One of the biggest challenges of this job is launching the campaign. The creative team must consider educating and persuading shop owners and MSMEs to digitize their business with GudangAda. For the campaign to be accepted by the target market, creativity and critical thinking, detailed planning, and a solid ability to conduct market research are required.

Which one is more important: creativity or technology?

Creativity and technology complement each other and are not mutually exclusive. For Rio, both are important.As we become a more technological society, we have a more fantastic opportunity to engage in experiences that lead to greater creativity. People can make whatever they want now that this technology is available. We can upload something directly from our phones and connect with information and people worldwide.

Besides, mastering technology also requires a high level of creativity. Knowing technology but not knowing how to optimize it with more creative ways to achieve your goals is pointless.

Keeping up with technology trends

As part of our creative team, keeping up with technology trends is essential for Rio.How is he able to do this? Check out these suggestions!

1. Connect with social media

There are so many influencers who are passionate about technology and emerging trends. You can sign up for newsletters or set up alerts to be notified when your favorite tech influencer publishes new content. You can also learn about emerging technologies by following industry and tech company accounts.

2. Share ideas with your peers

Set up meetings with coworkers, professionals from other departments, and industry colleagues regularly to discuss technology on the job. These meetings are an excellent way to learn about emerging technology, how others utilize it, and anticipated changes in your industry.

3. Prioritize learning

Making learning a priority is an important part of staying current with technology. One of the best examples of this ongoing learning is A/B testing.

In essence, if the world of brand and creativity is an area you’re interested in, keep in mind that the industry requires more than just creative recruits. Understanding a company’s challenges and goals and then addressing them through your creative ideas requires a certain mindset, a creative spark and a strong knowledge of technology.

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