Empowering Small to Medium Businesses (UMKM) to Scale Up Their Game in the Modern Age with #AdaInspirasi

Diposting di Inside GudangAda 18 Agu 2021

According to the Ministry of Cooperatives & SME, there are 64.2 million UMKM contributions toward GDP. It contains 97% of the total workforce which is capable of collecting up to 60% of total investment. These potential contributions are reported to play such a huge role in thriving Indonesian economic growth.

In addition, the development of technology could help us to expand the potential of Indonesian UMKM. Seeing those facts, we know that we should not neglect the importance of the UMKM role these days.

As the medium to share and inspire, GudangAda held #AdaInspirasi webinar on the role of UMKM in the digital technology era as the grand theme of the session. By inviting UMKM entrepreneurs, GudangAda aims to empower local businesses to scale up their crucial role in modern technology.

The session was given by Andre Widjadja, Chief Business Development at GudangAda, Wiendrastari Putri who is known as Certified Speakerpreneur of Sidina Community, and Bareyn Mochaddin also known as Financial Advisor. These speakers were elaborating the material based on their expertise, let’s check out for some of the pro-tips!

The Obstacles & The Solution

Based on the Katadata Insight Center (KIC) data, it is shown 82.9% of UMKM are affected by negative impacts from COVID-19 situation. Most of them struggled enough in achieving day to day sales targets which also started to affect their everyday life. Therefore to solve the problem, GudangAda presented their technology solution in resolving UMKM challenges.

Unlike any other, we are here to empower the distribution chain rather than replacing it. Thus, the operational team players could be included in the services, both wholesalers and retailers. By joining GudangAda, UMKM would have to reach a larger number of distributions within the effective and efficient strategy. It is also proven the platform could be the effective strategy to promote the business from market information and analysis.

Implementing Heart-Selling Approach on Social Media

Promoting your business on social media is one of the solutions nowadays. As social media could be a place where you could reach your larger community and potential audiences, yet there are also few things you need to make sure before setting it up.

As simple as knowing your audiences in and out, by understanding their behavior and characteristics on social media, it would be easier for you to decide what channels your business needs to be in. After you checked those points, then you could start to create your own content with the so-called Heart-Selling approach or also known as covert-selling.

Selling your products on social media does not have to be all about the products, yet it could also be on how you maintain your relationship with the customers, build the positive feedback by giving the best services you could give.

The Importance of Documenting Your Financial Business

Last one is no less important than the other, it is about documenting your business financial report. We often too focus on building and promoting our business, yet at the same time we also often forget to documenting our financial business in order to maintaining it.

Then, why do we have to bother with such things? It is because there are potential things that could be prevented if you start doing it. Firstly, we would clearly understand our financial business state whether we are gaining profit or loss. Secondly, it helps us to acknowledge our customers’ needs based on the most sold products. At the same time, we have awareness toward the number of stock items. Those aspects could help in serving and redefining the capital we need to build the business itself.

As we are continuing to empower the potential UMKM in Indonesia, these takeaways from the session surely bring fresh insights for many parties.

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