Dodo’s Big Bet: Fostering A Seamless Team Culture at GudangAda

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Nowadays, candidates looking for a job have the flexibility, resources and knowledge to determine what’s best for their future. This is why a company’s culture has become one of the many important factors affecting one’s decision to finally sign off on a job offer, along with the values of the company’s employees.

As a company that serves to foster a strong organisational culture backed by meaningful values, GudangAda is continuously looking for opportunities to stay relevant in the industry, especially to its people. This is why we have hired Indo Jayasakti Saleh, also known as Dodo, as the Vice President of Human Resources at GudangAda.

With more than seven years of experience in developing human capital and managing human resource operations to help companies fulfil business objectives, Dodo acknowledges how important it is for employees to adapt to a company’s culture for the successful growth of the business.

When asked about the values of GudangAda, he said, “I think integrity and teamwork serve as the foundation for behaviour of the employees at GudangAda. This positive culture at the company is what inspired me to create One HR as a centre of excellence for the company.”

One HR means that all team members share the same vision, which translates into action and drive to do their job well and deliver excellent work to support GudangAda’s business goals.

With a skillful and capable team by his side, Dodo is ready to harness the skill sets and passion of the team to meetGudangAda’s goals to serve and empower more business players in Indonesia.

Building a seamless team culture!

For Dodo, a dream team is not just a cliche. It is all about fostering collaboration and communication, and not forgetting learning to grow together. “A good team must be able to show synergistic collaboration and this can be done through having a shared vision with leadership and ensuring all work processes within the organisation are fully integrated,” he added.

Aside from that, team members should not neglect the importance of open communication. The ability to understand others by showing respect for differing viewpoints is another important factor that Dodo stresses that should exist in every team.

“It will also be great if the team is ready to pick up the pace, be ready to run, and prioritise growth,” he noted. Dodo finds the qualities of being humble enough to accept any mistakes and a hunger to improve oneself are integral in building a seamless team culture.

Lead by Example

Leadership is the art of motivating people to do the right things for the organisation. Each leader’s unique style of leadership may differ from others, which would affect how the team responds. For Dodo, he prefers to lead by example and establish himself as a personable and approachable leader.

“My team’s wellbeing is something I can’t turn a blind eye on. I make it a point to keep myself constantly updated on the priorities and focus areas of my teammates and the management, so I am aware of each individual’s contributions and involvements on a day-to-day basis. On another note, empowering a team to resolve problems that may arise over the course of their work will be beneficial for maximum performance,” Dodo said.

While it is important to set an example as a leader and build strong relationships with team members, Dodo also invited all team members to be respectful to one another. “We have to build an inclusive culture where everyone feels at home. So, nobody is left behind.” He added that being confident when making a decision and showing assertiveness while not disparaging the ideas of others, can help create a friendly space where people are not afraid to share their views and feedback.

Dodo also has his own preference of what makes an ideal workplace. He would 100% seal the deal with a company which has clear policies and ground rules but is also flexible in accommodating the needs of employees. He found this work-life flexibility at GudangAda.

Interested to be part of the team and grow your career? Click here for more opportunities at GudangAda!

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