This Privacy Policy will include an explanation of how the information of you (“USER”) is  collected, used, and kept confidential by PT GUDANG ADA GLOBALINDO as the owner and provider of the site which is currently located at the URL www.gudangada.com and/or the mobile phone  application version of the website (“Gudangada Platform”), a limited liability company established  under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia (“WE/US/OUR”) (the “Privacy Policy”).This Privacy Policy  is an integral and inseparable part of the Gudangada Platform TERMS & CONDITIONS (AGREEMENT)


    1. This Privacy Policy governs the usage and protection of information provided by the USER when using the Gudangada Platform

    2. By using the Gudangada Platform, the USER is deemed to have read this Privacy Policy  and agrees to the mechanism for collecting, storing, processing and using the USER's  personal data as regulated in this Privacy Policy. 

    3. If WE ask USER to provide information when using the Gudangada Platform, that  information will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

    4. WE are entitled to change, delete and apply new provisions of this Privacy Policy at any  time without prior notification to the USER. USER is expected to check this page  periodically for any such changes. If WE make material changes to the Privacy Policy,  including any changes that WE propose which will be retroactive. Furthermore, by using  the Gudangada Platform service after such changes occur, the USER is deemed to have  known and agreed on the changes to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


    1. WE collect information provided by the USER when the USER creates an account, sends  a letter/e-maill to US or puts information or other content on the Gudangada Platform.

    2. USER's personal data that we collect, process, store, and control are:

      1. Name, e-mail address, place and date of birth, home address, business address, identity card or national identity card, tax ID card, other identity cards issued by Indonesian authority, sex, mobile phone number, home number, other identifiable personal data.

      2. The USER’s uploaded self-image/photo through their account on the Gudangada Platform. If necessary, WE may also request the USER to take a self-image/photo while showing or holding their identity card or national identity card. 

    3. WE also have the right to collect information when the USER uses the Gudangada Platform, including but not limited to: GPS location/coordinates, Internet Protocol (IP)  address (if using a browser), operating system, browser type, referring address and USER activity on the Gudangada Platform. The USER may enable or disable the location recognition service when the USER uses the Gudangada Platform

    4. WE have the right to directly verify the USER for information regarding any data that has  been submitted by the USER through the Gudangada Platform

    5. By using Gudangada Platform, USER guarantees that the information USER provides is  accurate and correct. 

    6. If the information provided by the USER turns out to be incorrect, then WE are not  responsible for any consequences that may occur in connection with the provision and  use of such incorrect information.


    1. WE will use the USER’s personal data as stated above to: 

      1. create an account, manage, provide services, and oversee USER access to the Gudangada Platform

      2. identify, verify, respond to, process, approve, or resolve any transactions and complaints made by the USER within the Gudangada Platform

      3. Specifically regarding the collection of personal data in the Section B Number 2(b), WE will store it on OUR servers for several purposes, including registering and verifying USER account, preventing misuse and unauthorized access to account, processing and verifying transactions made by the USER, and for other functionalities during such time the USER holds an account and access to the Gudangada Platform. By uploading such personal data to the Gudangada Platform, USER acknowledges and agrees to its collection and storage by US

      4. Share USER’s information with other third parties, in relation with:

        1. OUR cooperation with agent, vendor, supplier, contractor, partner, and other party who provides services to US or the USER.

        2. the purpose where such third party is involved.

        3. disclosure to the related third party that technically is required to process the USER’s transaction or OUR purpose of cooperation with such third party.

        4. in allowing the third party to introduce or offer products or services to the USER.

        5. the implementation of authentication or verification towards the USERS or connecting USERS with the services or products offered by the aforementioned third party, or for carrying out other activities including marketing, research, analysis, and product development. 

      5. Provide information/send promotional e-mail periodically to the USER when there is an offer and/or promotion of new products, special offers, or other information that WE consider is required by the USER.

      6. Inform the USER about any changes to the Gudangada Platform, OUR services and products.

      7. Use and disclose this information if necessary, based on an order from an authorized official based on the prevailing law in the Republic of Indonesia.

      8. OUR internal records or documentation stored on OUR servers, both inside and outside the territory of Indonesia

    2. WE guarantee that the data and information provided by the USER is confidential and  will not be disseminated. To prevent unauthorized access, WE carry out physical,  electronic, and managerial security procedures to protect USER information. 

    3. WE keep USER’s information as long as the information relates to the purposes needed  for the benefit of OUR services to USER. The confidentiality of the USER's personal  information is considered confidential and will not be disseminated unless required by the  law of the Republic of Indonesia. 

    4. WE will use the collected data for statistical data processing that will be used for various  applications and products. Most of these statistical data processing will not reveal  individual data, but it is possible that individual data will be disclosed in the search for the  results of the statistical processing. By using the Gudangada Platform, the USER is  deemed to have understood and agreed to the usage of such data. 

    5. By using the Gudangada Platform, USER is deemed to agree to allow certain third parties  to use USER data to provide USER with information about goods and services that USER needs. Such third parties include but are not limited to: 

      1. Courier delivery and/or insurers who will require proof of services that the USER has  provided or if they require for service authorization or referral. 

      2. OUR business partners with whom WE have a cooperation agreement with their  respective business partners and service providers are required to protect the  confidentiality and security of the information passed on to them.


    For USER’s reference purposes, on the Gudangada Platform there are links to other applications  listed by US (“Link Addresses”). However, when the USER uses these links, WE are not  responsible for protecting the confidentiality and any information that the USER provides when  visiting the Link Addresses. WE are also not responsible for the content of any such Link  Addresses, including the impact caused by accessing such Link Addresses. The USER should  carefully study and read the personal information handling policy applicable at the Link  Addresses. 


    1. WE are committed to make a sure that the information USER provides to US is safe and  cannot be used by irresponsible parties. By using the Gudangada Platform, USER allows  US to take all actions that WE deem necessary to protect USER’s information that WE collect by online to prevent unauthorized access. 

    2. However, WE do not fully guarantee to the USER that the security of OUR database server  and WE also do not guarantee that the information provided is free from detention or  interference while it is in the process of being sent to US. The transmission of such  information is at the sole risk of the USER

    3. WE will store USER’s data or information in OUR database servers, both at in and out of  the country, to provide maximum protection from misuse or loss of USER’s personal data.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on June, 7’th 2023

If USER have any questions or concerns regarding the practice or implementation of this Privacy Policy,  please contact us via Customer Service.

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