About GudangAda

GudangAda is a B2B e-commerce application that connects wholesalers and retailers throughout Indonesia.

Launched in January 2019, GudangAda present as a solution for manufacturers and retailer to transact faster, cheaper, smarter, and bigger.


Providing technology solutions that help MSMEs ranging from product search, sales and purchase management, as well as logistics services to payments. Now GudangAda has connected hundreds of thousands of MSME businesses in more than 500 cities in Indonesia.


Building the largest B2B e-commerce platform infrastructure in Indonesia.


Empowering B2B businesses (producers, wholesalers and retailers) through technology to make transactions faster, cheaper, smarter and bigger.

We don’t disrupt, we empower Indonesia’s SMEs to the next level.

Team Leader

GudangAda is a group of highly experienced individuals with expertise in e-commerce, retail, fintech, and other industries. The team is collaborating to achieve a common vision: building the largest B2B platform for Indonesia.


Founder and CEO

Huan Yang

Chief Technology Officer

JJ Ang

Chief Financial Officer

Andre Widjaja

Chief Business Development


Chief Business Development

Elisa Prajogo

Chief Product Officer

Advisory Board

Chandra Tjan

Venture Capital

Abheek Anand

Venture Capital

Paul Santos

Venture Capital

GudangAda's Achievements

Wide Distribution Range Reaching 750,000 Stores

Investor Kami


Corporate Social Responsibility

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