Developing a Game Plan for Cruising Across the Merchant Ecosystem

Posted in Inside GudangAda Nov 22, 2021

Insights from our Chief Technology Officer Huan Yang at the Wild Digital Indonesia 2021 Conference on what merchants and B2B companies should do to improve their business

Indonesia’s booming e-commerce industry has led to rapid developments in its B2B ecosystem. To keep pace with the advancement of digital innovation and technology, various players are now looking to provide innovative and more efficient ways of supply chain management that encompass warehousing, logistics and payment services to service merchants in the market.

As the ecosystem develops, the needs of merchants are constantly changing. Recently, our CTO Huan Yang was invited to be one of the panellists at the Wild Digital Indonesia 2021 virtual event, sharing the stage with the CEO of Investree and the COO of Shipper. With Cruising Across the Merchant Ecosystem as the main theme, each company’s representative shared their insights on unique plans and strategies that can help merchants and business owners succeed in the digital age.

Here are some topline insights from the discussion:

Empower the ecosystem

With the development of digital technology, the needs of the market have been increasingly affected and may keep changing. Technology has also affected consumer behaviour as they become more reliant on online services to perform their day-to-day transactions.

To help merchants sustain their business, GudangAda has developed an effective solution for merchants and business owners. As we consider ourselves to be neutral third parties who seek to partner with stakeholders, we aim to empower them in the market rather than replacing them and disrupting their business operations.

Adapt to new changes!

Many business owners unintentionally miss opportunities of using innovation to significantly grow their business. In fact, it’s common that people tend to avoid the unfamiliar and may be hesitant to adapt to new changes. This was especially the case amid the pandemic as we saw many merchants choosing to stick to their old ways. Unfortunately, this behaviour is one of the biggest opportunity losses or top mistakes that business owners usually make.

Nevertheless, GudangAda is here to help stakeholders to easily adapt through the services we offer. We have a proven business model to help them to reach larger customers and increase the demand for their goods and services. For instance, we offer better economies of scale through our warehouse solutions, and we can help them find transportation services through GudangAda Logistics. Our services help merchants to seamlessly transform their business digitally.

Choosing GudangAda as your partner

In order to grow a business, it is important to observe what your customers need. Fuelled by technological innovation and changing behaviour amongst increasingly tech-savvy customers, business owners will need to adapt to the changes quickly to meet the needs of their consumers.

Besides being nimble and flexible, finding a great partner can help solve one’s business problems and potentially offer innovative solutions to improve the business. With our wide range of services, GudangAda is the perfect partner to help you prevent and solve existing or future problems faced by business owners.

We are here to support your business through offering innovative and effective solutions to serve the existing merchant ecosystem in the market.

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